We’ve built this community to help you, clinicians, share your know-how, and help you improve the quality of your interactions with your patients.

Our mission

Bring clinicians together in a safe space so that clinical know-how can be shared easily, because our patients deserve the best service.


What does DYSWIS mean?

DYSWIS stands for “Do you see what I see?” The elephant logo was chosen as a reference to a parable concerning Blind Men and the Elephant. As the story goes, a group of blind men, each only able to touch one part of the elephant, begin to argue about their diverse descriptions and interpretations of what this object represents for them.

Our goal

DYSWIS aims to build a collegial space where various clinical perspectives can come together, being accepted and respected by the community, allowing professionals to broaden their vision and enrich their clinical competence.

Our values


Expand your professional and interprofessional network.


Share your collective expertise to better serve your patients.


Take advantage of the best of current technologies and communication strategies.


Build a spirit of collaboration among colleagues and improve professional self-esteem.


Broaden awareness of clinical approaches professionally, interprofessionally and internationally.


Facilitate exchanges and clinical observations with a quality user-interface.

About DYSWIS team


Chantal Sabourin

President and co-founder

Chantal Sabourin has been practicing Speech-Language Pathology since 2013, as a recognized member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec. After completing a first Masters’ degree in Linguistics and Teaching at L’Université du Québec à Montréal, she pursued a second Masters’ in the School of Communication Science and Disorders at McGill University. She works in private practice in the city of Montreal, primarily with a preschool and primary level pediatric population. Her specialties are oral-motor difficulties, articulation disorders (including apraxia) as well as reading and writing difficulties (dyslexia and dysorthographia).

Clérenjack Gabiou

Devops, full-stack developer and co-founder

Clérenjack Gabiou has been working in Information Technologies since 2009. He completed his studies and obtained his diploma from the École Supérieure d’Informatique SUPINFO in Montreal. Ever since, he has continued to work as an advisor for many Montreal companies. His diversity of skills in systems architecture, administration and IT solution development brings the necessary technological glue to ensure that the DYSWIS platform is dependable, innovative and secure as well as being highly performance-oriented.

Laurent Breleur

Fullstack Analyst Developer and co-founder

Laurent Breleur has been growing his skills in information technology since 2007. He studied at the Superior Institute of Information Technology SUPINFO and obtained his master’s degree in Information Science. He began his career in Montreal, where he has worked for several companies as a software developer.

Laurent has built a solid experience as an analyst, designer, and web software solution developer. It is this experience he brings to DYSWIS in order to create high-quality, innovative tools.


Marc-André Lapierre

IT entrepreneur and co-founder

Marc-André is a computer-science entrepreneur and president of the Hippo Foundation. His diverse interests, including paramedical fields such as Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology, were in part what led to the creation of DYSWIS. He holds a financial and operations advisor role in DYSWIS.