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Now, with over 1600 members, and almost 300 video contributions and materials shared, we are making the switch to a paid-for platform. Why? Because it’s necessary to allow us to continue our growth and to serve you better! And yes, because lawyers, developers and servers can be quite expensive!

DYSWIS will always be free for students, and certain aspects will always remain free (Forum, Forum materials).

With your financial support, we hope to multiply the content in DYSWIS, soliciting the help of mentors and collaborators. We aim for DYSWIS to become a platform filled with exceptional, and varied clinical models.

Thank you for investing in this project,
and for investing in your profession!

DYSWIS is a secure and confidential space. Clinicians can share and watch clinical videos to learn and improve their clinical skills and more!

Create your DYSWIS account and manage your therapists license in a few clicks.

View online content shared by other clinicians.

Track the progress of your patients.

Access to a professional community, from novices to experts

Share your questions and your expertise in an interprofesionnal setting.

Watch quality video content          

Present a case or clinical models in video format to capture all those precious interaction details.

Get patient consent and ensure the highest degree of confidentiality

DYSWIS offers an integrated electronic signature feature to so you can get your patients’ consent easily.

An option to track Questions and Responses

DYSWIS distinguishes the Q&A feature from the general comments so that you can get the information you need quickly and reliably. Quality responses can be up-voted.

A searchable database

Use your secure account to exchange documents, forms, and videos. But even better, easily search the DYSWIS database to find answers to your clinical questions!

Personalised content recommendations

Based on your profession and your specific interests, the DYSWIS algorithms will suggest personalised content.

A community built by clinicians, for clinicians

The DYSWIS sharing platform is an inter-professional space for health professionals in movement- and intervention-based fields. Our goal is to facilitate your discussions, helping you inspire each other, all the while sharing your expertise, while using real clinical cases.

Who is the DYSWIS clinical sharing platform for ?

Specialists in language and communication issues.

Specialists in hearing and hearing-related issues.

Specialists in the promotion of health and well-being in both work and daily occupations.

Specialists in dealing with physical injuries and rehabilitation.

Subscription & Pricing

* To register, you must be a member of a professional order.

Access video-based collaborative mentorship:

Your clinical questions, answers from a community of colleagues.

DYSWIS subscription

$ 18
00 Per month

*Exceptions : For students and professionals without a specific membership card, certain other forms of validation may be accepted (student card, enrollment certificate to a university program, country license number, ie. ADELI).

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