The DYSWIS platform is in beta mode until December 1st, 2021!

This is your chance to try the beta version for free!

After December 1st, 2021, the platform will become paid and several types of subscriptions will be offered.


What does being a beta tester involve?

Making use of the platform and sharing your impressions and bugs!

How do you share your comments with us?

Screen captures and/or the use of the integrated “HELP” button.

Accepting mission tests to try specific functions based on DYSWIS requests.

Phone calls with the technical support staff as needed.

Answering brief questionnaires after having tried various functions.

What are the advantages of being a beta tester?

Thanks to your participation and collaboration towards making this tool the best it can be, you earn privileges in the short and long-term!

A free PREMIUM membership as a function of the duration of your participation

Preferential rates for life

Badge identifying you as a founding member of DYSWIS.

And many more gifts to come!

The advantages, gifts and bonuses acquired by the “beta testers” will be proportional to their participation in the beta version platform.