Privacy Policy

DYSWIS Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 29, 2020

The goal of this privacy policy is to set out how Do You See What I See Incorporated (henceforth “DYSWIS”), the operator of the DYSWIS platform (henceforth the “Platform”), accessible through our website (the “Website”), manages the personal information of the individuals who use or contribute to the Platform, especially the patients of the users who have agreed to participate (henceforth “You”).

The organisation’s management of all personal information is regulated, and we must obtain your consent before performing certain actions. By using the Platform, you agree to this policy and you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and destruction of your personal information as described in the guidelines set out in this policy.

Collection of Information

Information collected from users

We collect the information that users voluntarily transfer to us, through the interface of the Website, the Platform (for example, when filling out forms) or through other means. This information may include :

  • Family name and first name ;
  • Date of birth ;
  • E-mail address ;
  • Phone number ;
  • Mailing or home address ;
  • Country, province or state of residency ;
  • Professional status and identification number for professional orders ;
  • Documents or data that you upload to the Website or Platform;

Information about Patients

Users transfer to us the following information about their patients, who have agreed to participate in the Platform :

  • Family name and first name ;
  • E-mail address ;
  • Phone number ;
  • Mailing or Home address ;
  • Country, province or state of residency ;
  • Relevant information on their state of health ;
  • Relevant information on known diagnosis ;
  • Video excerpts showing the patient’s face and allowing his / her voice to be heard ;


Other than the face and the voice, no personal information about the patient is linked to the video excerpts or to the comments users make on the Platform.

Automatic Collection of Information

We collect certain types of information automatically while users are navigating on the Website and using the Platform. This information may include :

  • Your computer’s IP address ;
  • The configuration of your web browser and your operating system ;
  • Certain elements about the configuration of your mobile device, when you access the Website using a mobile device ;
  • General geographic location (province, state, city) ;
  • Pages visited, products viewed, the path taken on the Website and Platform ;

Information on Cookies

We use cookies to improve the Website’s and Platform’s performance as well as your experience. Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive by the server on which the Website is hosted or by third-party servers (advertising servers) that allow the Website / Platform to recognise you when you visit the Website as well as to personalise content. Some types of cookies are automatically deleted when you shut down your web browser (session cookies) while others are stored indefinitely (permanent cookies). Some collected information could be automatically associated with you due to these cookies.

Financial Information

Information related to payments (credit cards, PayPal accounts) are managed by third-party suppliers and are not stored.

Use of Information

We use the information collected from users to :

  • Communicate with our clients about our products and services;
  • Build databases with the contact information of our clients and potential clients ;
  • Personalise your experience on the Website and Platform, especially by saving your preferences and by presenting the content that is most likely to interest the user ;


We use the information that is automatically and anonymously collected, notably to :

  • Declutter the Website and Platform ;
  • Improve the Website’s performance, specifically by determining what pages have been visited and what features are most frequently used ;
  • Perform analytics on the Website’s frequency of use and how the Platform is used ;

Use of Information on Patients

We use the personal information about patients uniquely to :

  • Provide services via the Platform, meaning presenting video excerpts for training purposes, for discussion and the on-going education of our users;
  • Keep track of the patients’ consent for the use of their image and personal information about them on the Platform, and to allow patients to be able to withdraw their consent directly from DYSWIS ;


With the exception of the patient’s face and the voice, no personal information about the patients is shared with users, except with clinicians who have a therapeutic relationship with the patient.

Information on a patient’s state of health and diagnosis could be used, on an anonymous basis, to compile statistics related to the problems experienced by the patients of the Platform’s users.

Storage and Security Measures

We store all collected information until you request that we destroy your personal information or our activities no longer require us to store it.

The collected information is stored electronically on remote servers, that may be located outside Canada. DYSWIS has taken all appropriate measures to ensure that its service providers outside Quebec meet the applicable regulations related to managing personal information.

Given the sensitive nature of the information collected, the information is protected by reasonable commercial computer security measures. We do not have control over the specific security measures that have been put in place by our hosting service providers to protect the collected information, but we have been assured that these providers offer sufficient guarantees in relation to the security of the hosted information.

Confidential Nature of the Information

The collected personal information will remain confidential at all times. The DYSWIS staff has been informed of this policy and has been made aware of the confidential nature of the personal information, especially information on a patient’s state of health or his/her image and voice. Except as set out in this policy, your personal information will never be shared with other parties unless you have consented to it being shared.

Sharing Information

The personal information related to a patient’s state of health and diagnoses is never made available to other parties other than the users of the Platform who are authorised to access it as well as the DYSWIS staff who must absolutely have access to it. Other than the diagnoses associated with a patient’s profile, we will never share any information about patients who appear in the video excerpts unless legally required by law.

Some personal information about users, such as their names and their professional contact information, are shared with other users of the Platform.

The collected personal information is only available to our managers and those employees who must access it to perform the tasks set out in this policy. Personal information may be shared with service providers for technical reasons. In such cases, these people and organisations have committed to protecting the confidential nature of the personal information and to using it exclusively to fulfil their mandate to us.

If it ever becomes foreseeable that the company operated by DYSWIS is to be sold or restructured (a “Transaction”), we may share the collected information with the people or organisations involved, before or after the Transaction, whether the Transaction is completed or not. In such a case, these people or organisations are committed to protecting the confidential nature of the shared personal information and to using it exclusively to evaluate the feasibility or the possibility of the Transaction, in accordance with this policy.

We may also share your personal information with third parties if a competent authority compels us to do so or if the law expressly allows it without the consent of the concerned person.

Access to Information

Users can consult and modify certain personal information that we have on them through the Platform. If you wish to correct erroneous information and it is impossible to do so through the Platform, you can submit a written request at the following address :

Patients who wish to access the personal information that we have on them must consult the Website or contact us in writing at the following address :

You may ask to access personal information which is not accessible through the Platform or make any other request related to your personal information by submitting a written request at the address given below :

Do You See What I See Incorporated

P.O. #4

(Rosemont) Montréal, Qc. 

H1X 3B6


We will follow up on your written request within 30 days of receiving it. We will allow you reasonable access to your personal information which is contained in our files in accordance with all applicable rules. Certain fees may be applicable in the case of excessive requests.

We will verify the identity of any person wishing to access personal information. The information provided to confirm a person’s identity will not be stored, nor used for other purposes.

Upon request by the concerned person, we will make the personal information on this person permanently inaccessible. The information on a patient might be saved by healthcare professionals as required by their professional obligations, in which case this information may be downloaded before being removed from DYSWIS’s possession.

Changes to the Policy

This policy may be modified to reflect changes in our practices in managing personal information. In such a case where a change is made, we will inform you at the e-mail address included in your profile on the Platform, at least 30 days before the change takes effect. If any concerned individuals do not accept the new privacy policy, we will cease to use their personal information.

Applicable Law

Management of personal information is regulated by the applicable laws in different jurisdictions. This privacy policy and all relevant operations will be subject to the applicable laws of the province of Quebec and of Canada and must be interpreted in accordance with these laws.

Additional Information

For all additional information on our management of personal information, you can contact us at the following address :